SKB lab-always looking to improve


If you are always looking to improve yourself as well as the others around you, SKB lab is a right option for you.....

Sridevi completed her PhD from Detlef Weigel’s lab in Germany and is interested in understanding the role of alternative splicing and epigenetic silencing plants.

Sureshkumar Malluppatti Balasubramanian @ Suresh chooses to believe that the group members take him seriously and keep suggesting things, while others listen with a clear confidence that he won’t remember it the next time.

Sridevi Sureshkumar

Sureshkumar Balasubramanian

Tamblyn is an enthusiastic member of the group, who keeps things in order. If she gets time after teaching fitness, she is establishing cell culture techniques in the lab and trying to figure out the mechanisms underlying transcriptional down regulation caused by expanded repeats

Tamblyn Thomason

Rupali joined the group last year. When she finishes cheering up the Indian cricket team, she also tend to contribute to temperature perception and response mechanisms in plants.

Rupali Singh

Craig is the only member of the group, who has undergone leadership training and represents the Monash basketball team. In his free time, tends to spend time figuring out the hidden treasures related to alternative splicing and temperature response.

Craig Dent

Calving joined the group this year and is interested in synthesising new chemicals/compounds that can suppress transcriptional down regulation caused by expanded repeats.

Calvin Krauppner-Taylor

Champa keeps track of everything in the lab and brings the much needed calmness to the bunch of people exhibiting considerable entropy. When she manages to achieve that she starts wondering about triplet repeats and transgenic plants.

Champa Bandaranayake

James is interested in everything from plant development to chemical and molecular symmetries. He is currently looking at becoming an expert on CRISPR/Cas.

James Georges

Stephanie says that the best hobby she has is to do science. She is interested in working at the interphase of human cell lines and Arabidopsis in the context of triplet repeat expansions.

Stephanie Blahut