SKB lab-always looking to improve


If you are always looking to improve yourself as well as the others around you, SKB lab is a right option for you.....

Craig is the only member of the group, who has undergone leadership training and represents the Monash basketball team. In his free time, tends to spend time figuring out the hidden treasures related to alternative splicing and temperature response.

Craig Dent

Calvin started his PhD this year with A/Prof Traude Beilharz at the Biomedicine Discovery Institute and still works on a collaboration between our groups.

Calvin Krauppner-Taylor

Champa keeps track of everything in the lab and brings the much needed calmness to the bunch of people exhibiting considerable entropy. When she manages to achieve that she starts wondering about triplet repeats and transgenic plants.

Champa Bandaranayake

Avilash gave up a comfortable desk job to challenge himself with a less comfortable desk (and Science!). When he isn’t out exploring Melbourne’s culinary culture, you can find Avilash investigating the epigenetic networks mediating plant thermal responses.

Avilash Singh Yadav

Sureshkumar Balasubramanian

Sureshkumar Malluppatti Balasubramanian @ Suresh chooses to believe that the group members take him seriously and keep suggesting things, while others listen with a clear confidence that he won’t remember it the next time.

Jordyn joined the SKB Lab in 2018 as a volunteer and continued to do a GEN3990 project in the lab working on Marchantia polymorpha. Jordyn intends to use computational approaches to analyse splicing.

Jordyn Coutts

Rucha completed her PhD in India in 2019 and joined the SKB lab after arriving in Australia. Rucha is an expert with RNA biochemistry and in SKB lab intends to explore the secret link between plants and neurodegenerative diseases.

Rucha Sarwade

Nawar completed his PhD at the University of Adelaide and joined SKB lab in 2019. Nawar is interested in exploring how hydroponics based system can be used to study environmental responses in plants. He is the one to keep the lab people in check!

Nawar Shamaya

Chhaaya is a senior researcher from India with considerable experience in genetics and plant breeding. She joined SKB lab in 2019. Chhaaya is currently exploring alternative splicing in Marchantia polymorpha.

Chhaaya Atri